Why you shouldn’t copy what other blog writers are writing
Don’t copy other blog writers

Remember when you were at school and copying another kid’s work was considered cheating?

Well, it still is.

Even though the classroom has grown to cover the world and more than half the population of it are online, duplicating content which is not yours without acknowledging where it came from is bad.

For one you are claiming something that someone else has done as yours.

That’s still cheating and while there are thousands of websites started each day and you may never be found out, the search engines you rely on to send people to your site will know.

Secondly, people are coming to you because you because they believe you are the expert not someone else.

Give them what they want – you, and your words, ideas and knowledge!

You don’t want to disappoint potential clients.

Instead, offer them your spin on a particular subject and your ideas.

Write content that is original and also inspiring.

If you want to use a quote from someone else always format the quote in such a way that it immediately stands out on the page.

Use italics or the quotation mark function in WordPress.

Also, say where you got the information from and put the link to original site.

Try to keep quotes down to 20% of the total content.

That way you will be forced to write original content that people are going to want to read and share.


Why you shouldn’t copy what other blog writers are writing
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