Writing a book is no easy task, but for many authors today they are also required to market and promote their books themselves.

And, with over 1,500 books published a day across the world, they really need to stand out.

If they don’t, their books will languish and never be purchased or read.

Creating a compelling book blog and website is a must for any author regardless of their genre.

In fact, a well populated blog could be the difference that establishes your credibility and makes you the go-to person.

Why would an author need a blog?
Why would an author need a blog?

Create your unique identity

There is no doubt that websites attract customers and allow you, the author, to showcase your great books.

The big mistake, however, many authors make is to have a website that can only be referred to as a very expensive electronic flyer.

If you are serious about making sure your website is working for you, you’ll need an up-to-date blog.

Your blog should have short posts published often.

This will not only impress the search engines but will fill your blog with useful articles your followers will enjoy.

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Use good quality images to showcase your book cover and to illustrate the plot.

Your blog may refer to place-names and towns where the scenes are set.

This will draw locals to want to read your book too.

You may need some guidance on how to put your posts together, but once you have a blog that has a descent amount of posts, you’ll find visitors flocking to your site.

Getting found online is one thing; converting sales is another.

However, if you are serious about marketing and promoting your book a well populated blog will certainly attract a lot of people who are already interested in the topics, the place and the genre of your book.

Why would an author need a blog?
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