While teachers don’t need to drum up business like others do, having a well formatted and interesting blog would be a great asset.

In, 10 great ideas that teachers can blog about, we suggested 10 things teachers can blog about.

However, this list is never ending.

Teachers are a wealth of information and ideas

They are the kind of people who can see a child struggling with an idea and, seemingly out of thin air, *poof*, come up with an answer.

Creating an online profile is a great idea for many teachers.

It gives parents, other staff and school leaders a clearer view of what your passions are.

Why would a teacher need a blog?
Show your expertise

A blog is a great way to showcase your skills and expertise

While, it is not a good idea to discuss a child’s development or behaviour, your blog can showcase the lessons you created.

You could also discuss how you implemented these lessons and what the outcomes were.

Did the students take to your ideas quickly or did you have to modify them as the lesson went?

You could share your outside interests too.

Your students would be interested in seeing pics about your pets and hearing stories of what a great cook you are, for example.

While there are many privacy issues related to teaching and being a teacher, having a blog should be about creating an online profile that can showcase your talents.


Why would a teacher need a blog?
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