Storytellers are creative souls who can tell a great story to just about anyone.

They often work with the elderly or children.

But, the truth is we all love listening to a good story no matter how old we are.

While storytellers rely on the spoken word and some use props, it is a great idea for every storyteller to have a website and a well populated blog.

10 great ideas that storytellers can blog about
10 tips to keep storytellers blogging.

Create curiosity and intrigue

In particular, a blog allows the storyteller to discuss various aspects of their profession.

Joined to a website that has booking details, this blog is a great opportunity to generate organic interest in the storyteller themselves and the craft of spinning a good yarn.

Like many artists, storytellers don’t receive a regular income.

Work can be great one month and poor the next.

To create a steady stream of income, a blog will help attract more people who want to know what you do.

It is also a great way to attract other storytellers and people interested in honing this traditional craft.

It may lead to the formation of a group or club. This will increase your presence more.

Use modern technology to increase an ancient practice being found

Storytelling is an art form that is as old as time itself.

A good storyteller can transform their audience into magical and wonderful places.

Places where we learn more about ourselves and each other and can connect our commonalities.

In 10 great ideas that storytellers can blog about, we looked at various aspects of storytelling that could be turned into meaningful blog posts.

Why would a storyteller need a blog?
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