Why would a dance instructor and dance studios need a blog?
Dance instructors and dance studios need a blog.

In today’s rapidly changing world, not having a website could seriously limit how many people find you.

If you are a dance instructor it would be an advantage to have a well maintained blog and website.

This will go a long way ensuring you corner the local market.

Websites attract customers and allow you to showcase what you actually do.

The big mistake many dance instructors make is to create a website that can only be referred to as an expensive electronic flyer.

If you are serious about making sure your website is working for you, you’ll need an up-to-date blog on your website.

What should I include on my blog?

Your blog should be crammed full of articles which tell prospective clients about you, your services and any products you may wish to on sell.

If you publish posts on a regular basis (2 to 3 per day) search engines will pick up this activity and start to send enquiries your way.

You’ll also need to use images – royalty free ones, which captivate people scanning online.

You could also create great 1 to 2 minute videos on a wide range of topics.

To help search engines send locals to your website use placenames and towns, too.

You may need some help to get you started, but once you have a blog that has a descent amount of posts, you’ll find visitors flocking to your site.

It’s up to you to salsa into their hearts and encourage them to give you a call.

If you want 10 tips to write about, dance instructors, click your heels and this link.


Why would a dance instructor or a dance studio need a blog?
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