Why shouldn’t I use Google to find my images?
Why shouldn’t I use Google to find my images?

You can use any number of search engines to source the images you use for your site.

However, you may be in breach of copyright law.

This may be because they have been uploaded without the owner’s permission. When you search for a topic, Google will find related images for you.

It doesn’t differentiate if they are copyrighted or not.

Google can access any image online from anywhere, and this is where the problems lie.

However, there is a way you can check if the images it is showing you are copyright free to an extent.

Below is a set of steps you can use when you are looking for images via Google.

However, this doesn’t mean the images are the right size or quality for your site.

Just because they are free doesn’t mean you should use them.

Pop in your search terms in the Google box, then select ‘images’.

Now, you’ll see a number of tabs under the hyperlinked (blue) options. Choose ‘License’ and from the dropdown menu you’ll see a few choices.

Choose ‘Free to share and use’ or ‘Free to share and use commercially.’

The last one is the better option because it gives you more freedom.

Google tells us:

Free to share and use commercially: You can share and use them for personal or commercial purposes. Changing or editing for personal or commercial purposes might not be allowed.

As well, you might be surprised at the results.

The number of images and their quality has dropped considerably from your original search.

It’s your choice which images you take from here, but you still need to be careful as the guidelines are only that – guidelines, and not enforceable by law.

Why shouldn’t I use Google to find my images?

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