Why should you use your face in promotional images?
Use your face in promotional images

If you are starting out blogging you are going to want to use a good image of your face.


This will help promote you, the person, and your business.

There is no doubt that people connect much more quickly with an image of another person.

And, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. You could be online retailer, a financial advisor or a health care professional.

You don’t have to be a super model either.

An honest, clear photograph of your smiling face conveys emotions such as trust, integrity and confidence.

However, getting enough professional photographs is expensive.

It is also very time consuming.

If you have one or two good images, you should use them on your home page and your electronic stationery.

However, if you are serious about blogging you should have at least 20 images on file which you can add to your articles as you post them.

Blog Images Online offers you a fun, easy way to have all those images at your fingertips.

You can write and then add them to your articles as needed.

An article with an engaging image will get 94% more clicks than one without.

You can get a free sample cartoon created just for you simply by clicking below.

Why should you use your face in promotional images?
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