Why is it important to use humor on your blog?
Use humor on your blog

Unless you are in a very serious business, like death insurance or funerals, then you should always have an element of fun and playfulness on your site.

(Mind you, there have been some very humorous funerals!)

The best way to achieve humor is through images

As you can see from this site, the images brightly colored, fun and engaging.

Each one is based on a real person who works for Blog Images Online.

They don’t look exactly like the person, but they do reflect that person’s personality in a fun way.

When we laugh we feel better about ourselves and others. The healing power of laughter has been proven to be a great medicine.

Your images are the first things visitors see when they visit your site.

They leave an impression which people will remember when they leave too.

Everybody loves a clown (are you sick of the clichés yet?), well it’s true!

Your images should be quirky, fun and entertaining

They should, most importantly, make people smile because when people are happy they are less guarded and more than likely be more willing to engage with you.

If you don’t think it’s a good idea to bring humor to your site, perhaps think again.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are too important to be funny. We are all human and laughing and smiling is one of our greatest assets.


Why is it important to use humor on your blog?
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