Unlike blog posts, videos are watched repeated by people.

It is unlikely anyone visiting your site will read your blog posts over and over again.

If you create compelling, short videos, however, they will be watched repeatedly.

Whether you are using videos to promote ideas, sell products or build brand awareness this has got to be a good thing.

As well, Facebook automatically plays videos on their users’ timelines increasing the number of people who see your message.

This doesn’t happen with regular text-based posts.

When creating a compelling video you should…

Your video message should be short; keep the text to 5 to 6 words per slide only.

Use images that immediately attract the eye and elicit a response.

You know how to find this out, don’t you?

If you respond to the image, then your viewers will too.

Why is it an advantage that videos can be watched over again?
Why is it an advantage that videos can be watched over again?

Catchy tunes are also a great way to ensure people watch your video to the end.

If you use Adobe Spark, their music can be timed to hit a crescendo as your slides (and messages) appear.

Most importantly, if you build the viewers anticipation and include an “Ah-ha!” moment at the end, they will more than likely watch the video over and over again.

The majority of the population have grown up watching television and advertisements.

We all love memorable television ads that are quirky, meaningful and have a great impact.

These ads are designed to be watched over and over again, and not to drive viewers to turn over when they come on.

There is no reason your videos can’t have the same impact.

Be precise and be clever, and your videos will make a significant difference to your marketing campaign.


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Why is it an advantage that videos can be watched over again?
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