Why is having a blog important?
Why is having a blog important?

If you have a problem and no one in your immediate vicinity knows the answer, you go straight online to find it.

Everyone does – families, partners, work colleagues, even kids.

In fact, bloggers are the third most sort after source for information after family and friends.

If your mom or dad; your sister or your best friend don’t have a solution for your problem, the internet definitely will!

There are thousands of blogs started every minute.

WordPress claim they have 50,000 new blogs started every day – that’s huge!

However, many fail because the users don’t really understand a few crucial points.

It’s a lot of hard work.

Blogging needs to be consistent and timely.

To get the best of out of your blog you need to post 3 or more posts a day.

Each post should be between 200 and 350 words.

You should include an image every 150 words.

You should also use subheadings every 100 words or so.

These are just a few rules that will help Google’s search engines find your article.

Also, you need to make your article readable on a variety of different screens – hence the images and the subheadings.

People will be put off by long streams of text that they have to flick through.

Add images with captions, alt texts and a good description will help your post be found 30% quicker than your competitors.


Why is have a blog and blogging so important?
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