Why do funny images work like slapstick comedy?
Be funny and be loved!

Everyone needs to laugh.

The most popular images and videos on social media are funny.

Many of us live very stressful lives and humor offers a much needed relief from the day to day stresses.

Your clients and customers are the same.

They don’t need to be drawn into an emotional slump or depressed online.

In fact, people go online for three reasons: education, entertainment and inspiration

Do the images on your website meet one of these criteria? Do they meet them all?

While there are other emotions attached to these three reasons, humor plays a large part in making your potential customer feel better about themselves.

If they do, then they are going to get a positive impression from your products and services.

This will make them want to share and engage more.

They will also want to return and, more importantly, part with their hard-earned cash.

Slapstick comedy is not humor of the intellect

Rather it is usually a series of comical events played out by some poor suffering soul – think of a clown or Charlie Chaplain.

The images you use on your site should have the same effect.

Rather than force people to think and rationalize, they should inspire and lift the spirits.

If they do you will definitely Create longevity with the images on your site.


Why do funny images work like slapstick comedy?
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