Why are blog images so popular?Since in invention of the camera phone and the development of Instagram taking photographs has become very popular.

There are millions of images uploaded to all the social media platforms each hour.

Rather than tell people about your new puppy, for example, you can just upload loads of images.

With just a few clicks your followers will be able to recognise its breed, size and color. They’ll also be able to see what the puppy is doing – digging a hole in the carpet; sleeping in the cat’s bed and; emptying your trash can.

Want to share what you had for dinner? Don’t tell anyone, just add a pic.

You can show people what you’ve just grown in your garden or hung on your walls.

You don’t need to explain any of these things in great detail – you just have to show people and they’ll immediately understand how cute or annoying your new best friend is.

Images are a universal language that can be shared with anyone anywhere in the world who has access to the internet.

There is no need for your ‘message’ to be translated into another language.

Your message won’t be misinterpreted or confused either.

Images are an essential ingredient in all bloggers’ online presence.

The images you chose become part of your identity.

They add not only value to your posts, but additional information about your brand.

Why are blog images so popular?
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