When can you expect to see results in Google Analytics
Do the work and you’ll see results in Google Analytics

If you’re interested in content marketing and utilizing it as a tool to promote your website you need to make sure you have Google Analytics installed from the get-go.

Now, if you’re a ‘checker’ and if you like stats, you are probably going to drive yourself a little bit crazy opening Google Analytics every day (or more often) to see if the visitors to your site have increased.

Even if you’re not any of these two things you are going to check your results a lot.

In the early days of your website’s life you’ll notice that little blue bar peaking up and down.

There might be a huge peak and a very low dip – that’s normal, and for those first few months the results are far from impressive.

When can you expect to see a difference?

However, when you’ve had your site up and running for over four months and you’ve got a significant number of blog posts published that’s when the numbers start to jump.

You’ll see in the image below a monthly comparison on a site we manage.

The site is My Puppy Club and it offers free training tips and health care advice for dog owners.

What you can see in this image is the start of significant visitor numbers.

The site has over 600 posts and openly hosts guests from other websites to talk about their experiences of their pets.

This offers the opportunity to link externally and have the site promoted by their guests. This increases the site’s visibility online tremendously.

When can you expect to see results with Google Analytics
The upward trend has started for My Puppy Club.


However, it is a highly competitive market with a lot of competition, but you have to agree the figures are impressive.

We create the content for this site and we are getting great feedback about the variety and depth of the topics covered.

As we discussed in this post – Can you last the distance online to be found by Google?

Driving your organic visitors to your site is about creating meaningful content that people

1)      Can find via keyword titles and;

2)      Find useful and relevant


When can you expect to see results with Google Analytics
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