Content marketing is about providing excellent content which visitors your site are going to want to engage with and share.

What’s the best social media channel to share your content?
What’s the best social media channel to share your content?

Great content also establishes you as a top influencer in your field – an expert to whom others flock to gain valuable knowledge.

If you are posting a lot of content and getting solid organic results, you’ll want to share it to a social media channel.

Which is the best social media platform to share?

According to research by eConsulting the best place to share your content is Facebook and Twitter.

They surveyed business owners and 63.6% said Facebook was the most important social media channel.

Twitter came in second with 45.5% and LinkedIn third with 31.9%

The goals of these companies were primarily to reach new customers with just under half (47.8%) reporting that was their reason for using social media.

More than half were seeking to engage with customers – 56.5%

43.5% wanted to increase brand awareness and 34.8% wanted increased conversions.

While generating traffic was most important for 26.1%.

And, 21.7% wanted to increase search rankings.

What were these businesses promoting?

A whopping 62.5% of businesses wanted to promote their company and 50% wanted increase brand awareness.

Only 25% wanted to promote a service and 20% wanted to promote a product.

71.4% believed that photos were the best content to use in posts and 61.1% said photos were the most efficient.

That’s a point we often speak about here – Capture potential clients with dramatic images

57.1% said they used blogposts, but only 38.9% believed they were efficient.

Videos ranked 33.3% in usage, but only 5.6% in what companies believed was the efficient.


There are no figures given in this report indicating how company promotion and brand awareness were being turned this into sales by the companies interviewed, which were not named.

It is, however, an interesting report that reveals what companies are doing and how they judge the results of their efforts.

You can read the whole report here – eConsulting Content Marketing Survey



What’s the best social media channel to share your content?
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