What’s missing from my blog and website?
What’s missing from my blog?

Many of us are very in tune with what we want to our websites to offer.

We work on sales funnels, sales pitches and wording.

The words we use on that first page are critical to someone staying on your site.

Clearly the wording of your site’s pages and your articles is paramount.

Some people do this at the expense of the way their site looks and the images they use.

It doesn’t matter how great your articles are or if you have the offer of a lifetime, if your site is not attractive people are not going to want to engage with it.

You wouldn’t buy insurance from a beggar dressed in rags who smelt awful.

But if we cleaned up the beggar, gave him a clean shave and a new suit you would take more notice of what he has to say.

The same goes for your website.

Using images is one of the ways you can not only dress up your site to make it look more appealing, but they should add more meaning too.

Don’t go to your website for a week then click on the link and open it up.

Try to look at it just as a stranger might.

Is there too much text?

Is the text difficult to read?

Are my images clear, interesting and are they amazing?

If not, let us know how we can help you by clicking here.

What’s missing from my blog and website?
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