A Call to Action is typically as a region of the screen that drives the reader to click-through to engage further with you, your product or services.

A Call to Action is a button or link that you place on your website to drive prospective customers to become followers.

What does a Call to Action look like?

Sometimes it’s an image, sometimes just a button, other times a section on the page.

It’s not just websites that can have a Call to Action, virtually every type of content does.

After goods are listed on retail sites the Call to Action is the ‘buy now’ button, for example.

A Call to Action is helps link your blog posts which people are interested in reading and something you have to offer that has a greater value.

This doesn’t necessary mean you charge for it, but it should represent something your visitors will be more interested in.

What’s a Call to Actions and where should I put mine?
What’s a Call to Action?

What does a Call to Action say?

Call to Actions can use all kinds of different wording to attract attention including:

Download my free ebook now

Get a free appraisal

Watch our free video now

Start a free trial

Need more information?

Get a free consultation

Where do I find a Call to Action?

A call to action is typically placed at the end of blog post. Although, it can also appear on the top or banner space of a webpage.

Your Call to Action needs to be visible and eye catching.

It should be placed so your viewer sees it and feels compels to click on it.

What’s a Call to Action and where should I put it?
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