What type of images should you use on your blog?
What type of images should you use?

There are millions of images available for use on blogs and websites.

You want to use images that reflect your personal brand.

They should be exciting and engaging.

Every blogger needs a good collection of images set in different environments.

These images should be set around your area of expertise.

If you are running a dog grooming site, the type of images you should have could be ones of you in the grooming parlour and working on dogs,

You could also use images of different breeds of dogs.

Your blog could discuss places where dogs get dirty, so you should use images of dogs playing at the park or the beach.

If you have a financial business your images should show you working at your desk, in your office, of course.

But you should also have images that show where being financially secure can take your clients. They could be on a cruise ship; playing golf or helping build homes for the homeless.

The images you have in your collection should not only showcase you and your great business, but they should plant the seed for potential clients about how their lives will be better with your help.

Talk to us about the types of images you could use to best reflect what you are offering your clients.

What type of images should you use on your blog?
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