What does the color brown say about your website?
Why do images matter on a blog?

Images play a very important role on your blog on so many levels.

When it comes to branding the images you use reflect the tone, emotions and feel of who your company is and what your company is trying to do.

The images you use should reflect the color and feel of your company’s mission statement.

Your images should appeal to your target market.

You should know exactly who your target market is – what age are they, where they live, how much money they’ve got and what are the pain points, for example.

If you are selling weight loss products for middle aged women you shouldn’t be using images of younger women because your target market won’t connect with them and they’ll look elsewhere.

The images you use should be unique and be yours alone.

Don’t get caught up downloading free photos from photo stock sites.

Everyone is doing it and eventually the images will become stale and lose their lustre.

Your image should also sell the sizzle of your article, which is the bacon.

Just like the smell of cooking bacon entices us to want to eat it your image should entice your readers to want to know more about your company and read your post.


What role do images play on your blog?
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