what mood do your images convey
Images convey mood!

People often overlook the importance of their blog images.

While some people may say they don’t pay too much attention to them, their subconscious may differ entirely.

We are immediately attracted to images that resonate something deep within us.

Images and their colors identify needs and wants that we might not be aware of.

Do you know which colors your target market prefers?

They might not, but if you poke around on Google you will find out which sites are most popular with your target market.

Go to them and note down the colors the sites have.

If you are selling products in a retail environment, you’ll want to excite and provoke your audience into purchasing right there on the spot.

If you have a more educative goal, you may wish to evoke a mood of sombreness and importance.

Many business owners choose colors that reflect their mood and their desires.

But, are these the same as their potential clients?

This blog is fun and creative, so the images, the colors and the tone of these posts reflect that.

Let’s be honest – creating cartoons is not that serious of a business!

Nonetheless, we are serious about providing a great product for our clients.

So, what mood do you want or need to reflect?

Are you doing it now or do you need to make some changes?

What mood do I want to reflect with my blog images?
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