What is the psychology of images?
What is the psychology of images?

If you think about it, people really like images.

Let’s face it, we put them on our walls, our desks and we build houses with great views (images) which we can see whenever we like.

The images we choose for our homes are based on deeply held personal motives.

Some people are persuaded by current trends and fashions, and will choose shop-bought images that other people have designed and created.

Others, however, choose images that tell them something about their past, their family and what they want to achieve in the future.

Think about the images you are surrounded with now. What about the ones at home?

What do these images say about you, your passions, your hopes and dreams?

We go to galleries to look at images created by talented people.

We see in images far more than the objects, colors and designs.

Images relay strong emotions which have a powerful effect on us.

These might be hatred, love, fear, joy, intrigue and empathy.

We might like certain images because they show us how far we’ve come; or how far we have to go.

Images online have become even more powerful as marketers and promoters use them to gain more visitors and followers.

All you need is the right images and you will see an increase in visitors and followers alike.

What is the psychology of images?
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