What is the key to being a great blogger?
What is the key to being a great blogger?

This article was written by Susan Day, an experienced blogger and founder of Blog Images Online.

Susan manages several blogs and writes about 3,000 words of content a day for a wide range of subjects.

You can see Susan’s work here: Learning English and My Puppy Club

Susan writes:

Before I started blogging I was an author of over 20 books. While some of these were eBooks, most were print books that were available right off the bookstore shelf.

When I started to learn about blogging, I suddenly realised how important it was for engaging clients and also for establishing myself as an expert in my field.

Writing articles, at first, was slow and I was clumsy.

However, as I did it more and more, I became quite good at expanding ideas and threshing out concepts.

I learnt how to formulate and craft blog posts for maximum SEO and Google ranking.

I also learnt how important images are.

Using the right image can convey all the values of my business in seconds. It would take many words to do the same thing.

Images need to stand out, too.

I don’t want to use images that people have seen before. This will just make my blog look ordinary and staid.

The key to being a great blogger is not only writing excellent content, but coupling that with an image that says, “Wow! I need to read what that person is saying!”

What is the key to being a great blogger?
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