Use images to illustrate how to do something
What is the best sized images to use on your blog?

When you copy images from a website or download them, you are going to find they come in all shapes and sizes.

Most images are landscape, which is the preferred shape by most website designers.

Square images are good too because they are easy to place within the format of a post.

Portrait images, which are longer than they are wider, can be more difficult to place. If they have text running down the side they can take a long time to load and the text can be difficult to read.

If you are using WordPress you can change the size of the image in the ‘edit’ function.

Your images should be clear and they should download quickly.

They should also be rectangular or square.

Set your images to ‘medium’ size which should be about 300 wide.

If they are higher than 700 then you’ll have issues with the images loading.

You can set your WordPress images to always be posted as any size, but medium is best. You can always change it later.

If you want to change the images before you upload them to your WordPress dashboard or you are using another platform, you can resize images quickly and cheaply using Paint.

This is a simple application that comes free with most PCs.

Getting the image size right is best done before you add your content. That way, at least, you won’t have to worry about your images interfering with your visitors enjoyment of your content.


What is the best sized images to use on your blog?
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