What image to text ratio should I use?
What image to text ratio should I use?

More and more people are visiting websites on their smartphones or a tablet.

You don’t need to be told that these devices have a much smaller screen.

The amount of images you use in a post, will help distribute the text better.

No one wants to read line after line, screen after screen of text.

It becomes confusing after a while, as loading and buffering can cause a screen to ‘jump’.

If this happens, and your reader loses their spot they might not be interested in finding it again.

If you place an image every 150 words or so, you’ll find that it makes reading your article much easier.

You should also use sub-headings (like this one) and keep paragraphs short – only one or two sentences.

Again, these strategies are designed to make your post read easier and quicker.

Try it next time you are online.

Choose a website and see how difficult or easy it is to read the content on your smartphone.

Has the article been formatted so that you can easily find your place?

Does it help you read through to the end?

And, more importantly, does it make you want to go on to read other posts or answer the call to action?


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What image to text ratio should I use?
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