What does the color yellow say about your website?
Be clever about the colors on your site

In this series of posts we are going to look at how color affects the way people perceive your website.

There is a wide body of research done that tells us about the effects of colors.

The colors you use tell potential customers important things about your company.

They should be a reflection on your brand and marketing goals.

Today we are going to look at yellow.

Yellow is such a bright cheerful colour it is hard to associate it with anything negative.

When we see things that are yellow we tend to feel more optimistic, confident, friendly and creative. Our self-esteem improves too.

Do you want to inspire your clients?

Do you want them to feel better for having visited your website?

Then consider using yellow.

As their mood improves you may wish to offer them a solution to their problems.

You can inspire people to be more creative with the color yellow too.

However, it is worth noting that you need to limit the amount of yellow you use as too much can diminish self-esteem and confidence.

In previous posts we looked at the colors red blue and green.

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What does the color yellow say about your website?
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