What does the color pink say about your website?
What does the color pink say about your website?

In this series of posts we are going to look at how color affects the way people perceive your website.

There is a wide body of research done that tells us about the effects of colors.

The colors you use tell potential customers important things about your company.

They should be a reflection on your brand and marketing goals.

Today we are going to look at pink.

And let’s face it if there has been any color linked to frivolity, it’s pink. This is apparent when think of pop-stars and Hollywood celebrities.

However, pink is linked to tranquillity, warmth, love, femininity and, interesting, the survival of the species.

Even though it is based on red, pink soothes us rather than stimulates and can help calm our minds.

If you want to relax your customers use pink on your website.

This will help them de-stress and become less anxious.

This would be useful if you are offering a product or a service that helps people focus on uplifting and calming customers.

Using pink will quieten their minds and allow them to focus clearly on the text and images on your site.

This is good for men, as well as women, but it’s interesting to note that science tells us that too much pink can make us feel less masculine and powerful.

In previous posts we looked at the colors blue and brown, just to name a few.

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What does the color pink say about your website?
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