What does the color green say about your website?In this series of posts we are going to look at how color affects the way people perceive your website.

There is a wide body of research done that tells us about the effects of colors.

The colors you use tell potential customers important things about your company.

They should be a reflection on your brand and marketing goals.

Today we are going to look at green.

Green is the colour of growth, vitality and nature. No wonder we are drawn to it when we are feeling overwhelmed.

It is also the colour of peace, universal love, awareness and refreshment.

Green sits in the middle of the colour spectrum and represents balance.

Do you want to offer your clients a touch of vitality or a lift?

Do you want to revitalize people who might be feeling bland or stagnant?

If you want to tell people your company has fresh new ideas, then use green.

Our mind immediately associate green with nature.

Whether it’s the gorgeous views out of the window or a plant pot, the color green brings confidence and a sense of balance to any place.

People are often confused and their minds clouded with doubt.

If your business wants to offer them calmness, then green is a good choice.

In previous posts we looked at the colors red and blue.

If you would like to talk to us about how to use colors in your images click here.


What does the color green say about your website?
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