What do images have to do with your mission statement?
Add Images to your mission statement

If you are series about being in business then you should have a mission statement.

It’s the first thing you should create.

It gives you something to work towards day in day out when things get tough.

It also drives you and helps you establish a passion for what you are doing.

We’d bet that 100% of mission statements are written in words.

There is nothing to say that you couldn’t add images too.

Some people have vision boards in their office or home.

This is where you pin the objects of your desire and plan your goals.

You might have a holiday to an exotic location; a luxury car or just a nice pair of boots.

If you want to succeed at what you are doing, and who doesn’t, then you should add images to your mission statement.

Sort of a combined mission statement and vision board – a vision statement?

These images will give you so much to focus on.

They will remind you instantly what your goals are.

This will help you build up your drive and focus and succeed much quicker.

Placing your vision statement where you can see it every day is paramount to being successful.

You need to focus on it, contemplate it and read the words each and every day.

What do images have to do with your mission statement?
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