What can the right image do for your blog?
What can the right image do for your blog?

There is no doubt that our eyes are saturated with images.

We watch television far too much and when we are not, our eyes seem to staring at one screen or another.

Our websites, blogs and online experiences are heavy with images.

So, it’s important that you have the right images on your blog or website.

If you don’t, the wrong ones could leave to your site looking dreary and drab.

People visiting your site might be bored or confused by your images.

It’s important to have images that are interesting and compelling.

They are the first thing anyone is going to see.

They have to grab the attention of people who have landed on your page.

They also have to resonate with them emotionally. If not, they will just click away and go to your competitors.

When you have the right images for your blog, you’ll find people will spend more time.

They will become interested and engaged.

They will want to know more about what you have to offer.

Your images should reflect your brand and welcome visitors to your site.

You wouldn’t put a rude or offensive image on your shop window and still expect people to come in and shop.

Images relay trust and responsibility.

They are the friendly smile and firm handshake welcoming visitors to your business.

Make sure the images you use are saying the right thing about you.

What can the right image do for your blog?
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