What are vector images ?
What are vector images ?

Vector images have had the backgrounds removed completely.

You may have seen them. The background is represented as white and grey squares.

When the image is published in any kind of document or online the background doesn’t show up.

This is great if you want to put different backgrounds behind your image.

For example, you may wish to show your products in a series of settings to appeal to a wider or a more diverse target market.

If you were selling men’s shoes which could be worn casually at a café or formally at the office, for example, it’s not too difficult to change the background.

You may also wish to put different colors behind the product to test which ones complement it and increase sales.

Vectorized images allow you to place more than one thing in your picture.

You may wish to showcase two or three items and you have them in separate images.

If they are vectorized you can overlay them and make them appear as if they have all been photographed together.

Be wary of using vector images on their own. If you do the background may appear dark grey or blurry. This will compromise the integrity of your images.

Graphic designers love vector images because of the flexibility they give them. If they are something you think you might want to use, next time you’re ordering images ask if they are an option.

If not, there are software packages available that will remove the background of most images.


What are vector images and should I use them on my blog?
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