What are the three main styles of blog writing content?
The three main styles of blog writing content

Remember when you were at school and you were forced to write in different styles?

Well, you’re about to get a re-run of those lessons only this time focusing on creating great blog articles.

Persuasive writing

Persuasive writing is when you try to convince someone of your point of view.

Now, this can become dangerous if you are trying to sell something. You may come across as overbearing and arrogant.

The best approach is to offer several points of view and then reason why one in particular is better than the others – that will be your one.

Narrative writing

Many writers use the narrative style of writing when creating fiction.

While, it is a great way to tell a story it is not the best way to write a blog post.

People go online to be educated, inspired and entertained, but narrative articles can be too long winded.

They can also come across as being self-absorbed which you should try to avoid.

What are the three main styles of blog writing content?
What writing styles do you use on your blog?

Expository writing

This is one of the better forms of writing, if not the best.

Expository writing involves explaining how to do something.

The most popular form it takes is a cooking recipe, but there are many ways you can use expository writing on your blog.

Think about the sorts of questions people may ask which involve your topic.

Turn these into expository articles that answer the question and offer more relevant advice.

So, which of these styles do you use?

Which one best suits you when you are searching online though?

Are they the same style or do you need to adjust your writing style to suit your audience?


What are the three main styles of blog writing content?
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