What are the latest trends in video ads?

According to Hyperfine Media more and more organizations are using videos to connect with potential clients.

Or, they are continuing to build a relationship with existing clients over a period of time.

With an estimated $5.4 billion being spent on videos this year we thought we’d take a look at what actually goes into those videos.

What are the most popular video categories?

The three major categories are music, comedy and news almost take up an equal slice of the cake.

Music makes up 31%, comedy 39% and news 33%

If you are looking to implement videos, it would be worthwhile considering fitting them into one of these categories.

Videos which are made to promote or sell a product are not looked on the same way as text or other types of ads.

In fact, in 2016 the enjoyment of video ads increased the viewers purchase intent by 97%.

And if that figure isn’t impressive enough, brand association increased by 139%.

Of all executives surveyed, 59% said they would rather watch a video than read the text.

This is probably true for much of the population too – business executives are people too!

What are the latest trends in video ads?
What are the latest trends in video ads?

How long should your video be?

According to Hyperfine, 5% of viewers stopped watching a video after 1 minute.

But, a whopping 60% stopped after 2 minutes.

The average person spends 16 minutes watching video ads online each month.

While, 4 out of 5 users will click away if the video takes too long to load according to Google.

More reasons to keep your videos short and to the point!

No longer do videos need to be costly or time consuming either.

If you want to promote your goods or services, there are many online video platforms that you can use to create compelling videos.

What are the latest trends in video ads?
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