What are the benefits of hosting and being a guest blogger?

There is a lot of talk about the benefits of hosting or being a guest blogger.

I decided to write 100 Guest Posts in One Year for my site, Astro’s Adventures Book Club. I wanted to increase the site’s exposure and reach out to others who shared my target audience.

I have discovered a lot on the way, and it continues to be a very successful campaign.

Here is what I have learned and why I think you should become a guest blogger, and also why you should host guests on your blog.

It is free, and it is a win / win situation for the host and the guest. Blog posts can live for a long time unlike fleeting online advertising. The posts you write and host will provide you with valuable traffic for months, and even years to come.

This is how:Learn Content Writing & Creation


You get your name, products and brands out there for no cost. You can pay for advertising and use social media to promote your site, but there is much greater value in guesting on someone else’s site. It lasts longer and you’ll get more valuable followers returning to your site.

Backlinks & Inbound links

Incoming links to your site on another site are valued highly by search engines. They play the highest role when it comes to ranking your website.

This is because you are sharing ideas and knowledge freely. You are saying, “Well, if you like this information, you’ll also enjoy reading…”

Search engines love sharing and will reward generosity.


Guest blog posts have replaced business cards. Remember all those networking events where you went armed with your business cards? Well, consider a guest spot in the same light. Only you get to speak directly to the site’s visitors and make connections with them.

100 Guest Posts in One Year!Build credibility

When you talk to a lot of people you build your credibility. You become an expert in your field, and a top influencer. You don’t have to write about your product or an associate topic either, add that information in your bio at the end.

Greater reach

Unless you are famous and have hordes of people followings you, you are going to need all the help you can get reaching new followers. Guest blogging takes your brand or product to thousands of more people across the globe.

New followers

With greater reach will end up attracting more followers and introducing your brand to a greater number of potential clients.

Regardless of these points it is essential that you provide good quality content which is valuable, useful and written for your host’s audience in mind. If it is rubbish you are not going to be asked back, and their followers are not going to share your article.


See here for how to get started:

What are the benefits of hosting and being a guest blogger?
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