What are image-centric layouts and why are they important?
Image-centric layouts

If you are not sure what image-centric layouts are pop over to your Facebook page and count them.

You’ll notice that there are more and more images on the screen.

Some of these are posts by your friends; others are advertisements.

Either way, all the major social media platforms are becoming image-centric.

They are using more images than text to engage and entertain users.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Images are powerful tools which can convey a lot more than text.

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture paints a thousand words.”

This is absolutely true!

Images sell products, ideas and even opinions.

Image-centric sites are more popular with users because they immediately convey what the site is about.

Have you ever been confronted by an image on social media?

Was it so shocking it made you feel uncomfortable or even ill?

This is very common and happens to us all.

It is also why you need to make sure the images you use are uplifting and make people to want to stay on your site.

Image-centric sites are leading the way in popularity. If you want your site to make an impact and work for your business, invest some time into choosing the right images.

What are image-centric layouts and why are they important?
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