Here are examples of the videos we’ve created.

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Generating Ideas for Blog Posts

From Word to WordPress

Create a Blog Post from One Sentence

 King’s Ransom

Join the fun of this hysterical, historical novel.

Astro’s Adventures: The Great Escape

Nothing says fun than a zany children’s book about a group of

quirky dogs who save other dogs from neglect.

This promotional video is the first in a series celebrating this brilliant children’s books.

Stress in all its Guises – Brand building

 It’s important to get your message across simply when it comes to brand building.

Stress in all its Guises is a professional website, headed by health expert Trish Lewis.

She wanted a video that spoke immediately to the ongoing  health issues many of us face.

This video poses the problem and then offers a solution.

Australia Post – Keeping  posties safe

Ongoing dog attacks are a serious issue for our postmen and women.

Australia Post has an extensive campaign to educate dog owners who to keep control of their dogs.

Along with My Puppy Club we created this educational video,

which looks at the myth that only big dogs attack

and offers some great training advice any dog owner can follow..

 My Puppy Club – Toilet training your puppy

Everyone loves a puppy, but toilet training them takes time and patience.

My Puppy Club wanted to give their audience the essential tips without

getting bogged down (excuse the pun) in the boring details.

This snappy, funny video is used to promote their site, build their brand and showcase

the great range of books they have available.

There’s a joke at the end, all puppy owners will love, too.


 My Puppy Club – Brand building

Most people like dogs and dog lovers are mad on them.

My Puppy Club wanted to capture those unique and special characteristics

that make dogs so wonderful.

 My Puppy Club – 5 obedience training tips for new puppy owners

One of the essential ingredients in a great video is being succinct.

You need to get your point across quickly.

When My Puppy Club wanted to promote their site and offer their followers

these all important tips, it was imperative to deliver them in a short, but lively way.

Enjoy Learning English – Site branding and promotion

This website is established for people, especially children, who want to learn English as a second language.

This video showcases 5 reasons why learning English would be beneficial.

It’s fast moving, but gets the message across clearly.

Children’s Book Authors – Book trailer promo

Keeping in mind that there are thousands of children’s books published a month, the idea of using

a compelling book trailer to help authors stand out is essential.

This video is designed to capture the viewer’s imagination and

get them to follow through to the landing page (here).

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