Lately, we have been looking at the way videos are being used.

Their production has certainly making big changes.

So, too is the purpose.

Videos are now the best way to connect with your audience.

They allow you to engage your audience on many different levels.

Today we thought we’d look at two websites which have just started using videos.

We also helped with the creation of the videos, too, something we are quite proud of.

Using Adobe Spark

My Puppy Club wanted a short video that touched on that special bond we humans share with dogs.

They wanted to use it to build brand identity and to set the tone for visitors who come to their site.

The video is placed on the top-fold of their home page – check it out.

Using videos to enhance and engage your audience
My Puppy Club

Powtoon videos

The second site using videos is Enjoy Learning English.

They wanted to suggest to their viewers 5 good reasons why they should learn English as a second language.

It is placed at the same spot as My Puppy Club.

Using videos to enhance and engage your audience
Enjoy Learning English

Both websites plan to have a video at the beginning of each blog posts soon, like this one.

As you will see the videos are quite different in appearance.

Each one is created using slides, music and images (or cartoons).

The content is remarkably different and aimed to elicit a different response.

Both videos took less than one hour to create with both online programs.

This means just about anyone could make a video like these two.

The music, photographs and cartoons are all supplied by the programs.

You just need to know what you want to say.

Using videos to enhance and engage your audience
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