Using Twitters direct messages to your advantage

When you are creating an automated message in Twitter make sure you get to the point – and fast!

Most people are using a smart phone to read through their Twitter direct messages.

Well, ‘read’ might be an over exaggeration. It’s probably more like a quick skim!

What do people see?

If you take a look yourself on your own phone, you’ll see that you can only see the first two lines of any direct message.

As well, if someone has sent you a link to their site or social media page the first words are: Sent a link.

This is quite new and it takes up nearly half of the first line. That only leaves one and a half lines to grab the attention of your new follower.

There are many people who frown on direct messages because they claim it’s like spamming.

However, there are many thousands who want to use it well. So, how can that be done best?

Using Twitters direct messages to your advantage
Using Twitters direct messages to your advantage

Getting the best out of Twitter’s direct messaging service

Firstly, don’t ask someone to do something for you.

If you are committed to building your Twitter following you are likely to see up to 50 to 100 direct messages a day.

Begging messages are soon going to become boring, if not a little annoying.

Don’t ask someone to like your Facebook page or contribute to your crowd funding campaign.

Don’t waste those that first one and half lines.

Get to the point fast with “Free guest spot…” or “Free to you…”

Establish a connection

If you are looking to build a solid following establish a connection first.

Offer them something for free or give just give them a gift for following you.

Work on building relationships and you’ll find you’ll get a much better response in the long term.

Using Twitters direct messages to your advantage
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