Using supporting images to showcase your products
Supporting images can showcase your products

Here at Blog Images Online we’ve discussed using the right kind of images to showcase your products.

We’ve discussed lighting and the emotional impact of the images you use and how important they are in reflecting your brand.

After coming across the image you see here, it occurred to us how important it is to use a supporting image to get your message across.

Supporting images that pack a punch!

If you didn’t stop and look twice at this image of the sad (almost crying) spaniel you must be dead inside.

Its soulful, droopy eyes are pleading with us, and they border on being a little bit too sad.

The dog is vulnerable and needs someone to love it.

The image is in black and white which adds to seriousness and sobriety of the overall feel the image evokes.

This image has been very cleverly and carefully chosen to pull at the heart strings and force the viewer to purchase the product.

After you read the words inscribed on the pendant, you should be able to understand what they are trying to do.

What’s the purpose of a supporting image?

They want us to purchase the pendant in remembrance of a dog which has passed away.

There is no doubt that people are developing very strong relationships with their pets and research has shown that their death has a similar impact than that of a person.

Even if the dog was some other breed, there is no doubt that the power of this image would certainly tug on a few heartstrings and propel them into purchasing the pendant.

We did!

You can check out the full range of products at


Using supporting images to showcase your products
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