Using categories to improve your SEO rankings
Using categories to improve your SEO rankings

One of the mistakes first time bloggers make is creating far too many categories.

They often assume that the categories function is there for visitors to utilize.

They add categories for a wide variety of subjects and ideas.

These could be anything to festivals they have attended to how they like their eggs cooked.

Once someone lands on a website, the assumption is they’ll search for other articles that interest them.

This is not necessarily the case.

Do you use categories often?

Ask yourself when was the last time you landed on someone else’s website and used their categories tab?

Thanks to touch screens we live in an era where people swipe first and tap second.

Visitors to your site are more likely to jump through to the previous post than use your categories tab.

Each time you create a new category, you are creating a new page.

What’s wrong with lots of categories?

Too many pages and search engines won’t know what your site is about. Remember they can’t understand English, they are just indexing familiar and repeated words.

Having too many categories will slow this process down.

This will mean it will take longer for the number of visitors based on organic growth to grow.

See – The best kind of online search results are free ones!

Try to limit your categories to about 10 or 12.

Keep them broad rather than narrow and specific, too and use your keywords when creating them for increased searchability.


Using less categories to improve your SEO rankings
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