Using images to tell your story on your blog
Tell your story with images

Whether you are promoting yourself and your area of expertise or products, you are going to want to tell clients your story.

Your story should include the journey your life has taken so far.

It shouldn’t be too long and it should encapsulate the essential elements of your brand.

Your story should include images too.

Images are a great way of telling your story.

You could use a slideshow presentation to show how far your company has come, for example.

Or you could showcase clients who are happy with your work; who have gained something powerful from purchasing your product or service.

Or you could use carefully chosen images strategically place on your website to connect with your followers.

The images you use should be chosen to reflect your brand.

As we discussed in How to use images to convey a message to your clients,

Even though many of us don’t realise it, when we look at an image we are taking in a lot of information.

This information is implied rather than said.

This is done not only by the subject of the image, but the colors used, the lighting (which sets the mood) and the angle at which we are viewing the image.

Using images to tell your story will help more people connect and engage with your website, and ultimately your message.

Using images to tell your story on your blog

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