Use simple words to express what you mean when writing blog posts
Use simple words to express your meaning.

When you’re a professional in your field it’s not hard to get carried away with long-winded phrases and technical words.

You, after all, know what you are talking about.

You’ve probably spent years training and honing your skills and expertise.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that the visitors who come to your website are not experts.

They are there to be informed, educated or entertained.

They also don’t have time to read through complex words and sentence structures.

Get rid of jargon and slang

You’ll also need to remove jargon and slang words.

Readers are going to be visiting your site from all over the world.

To connect with them use words and phrases which are common and easier to comprehend.

In this article, Are your words driving visitors away from your website? we looked at five words to avoid when writing online.

These are ordinary words that have little value.

Allow all your visitors to come along on the ride with you

Using common words and phrases allows all your visitors to enjoy your articles and engage with them.

This increases the level of trust they have with you and your products and services.

If people trust you they will be more than happy to hand over their email address or purchase something from your online store.

The pen is definitely mightier than the sword, but only if it creates content which is universally readable and interesting.


Use simple words to express what you mean when writing blog posts
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