Use plain words in your content and you will attract more visitors
Use plain words in your content.

Regardless of who your target audience is your content should be written so it is readable.

This means that anyone with a grade 8 education and up can understand it.

If you write to a higher level you will be excluding a lot of people who simply won’t be able to understand what you are saying.

Similarly, even if your readers are predominantly well educated, they resist reading your text if they are short of time.

Use plainspoken words

On this blog, the content is created so that it can be easily digested by a wide audience.

It is not ‘dumbed down’ to appeal to less intelligent people. Quite the contrary.

By using plainspoken words this article, and others like it, will be read quickly and easily.

This results in its message getting to its intended audience.

If you are new to creating content, use plainspoken words which are short and easy to read.

This will ensure more people will not only read your article through to the end, but will retain the information as well.

Plain words help your reader remember what they have read

We are all time poor in today’s busy world.

We want to read blog posts which are easy and quick to read.

There is also no doubt our attention spans are getting shorter.

If you use long words with three or more syllables or you use made up words, this will slow the rate at which your posts can be read.

Your readers won’t be able to remember what they’ve read as well, either because their minds would have been defining difficult words.

Even if your target audience is well educated business owners, you should still ensure the readability of your posts is lower than their education level.

This will result in more of your posts being read to the end and your readers understanding and remembering what you wrote.

For more information on this please read:

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Use plain words in your content and you will attract more visitors
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