Use images to educate and inform
Use images to educate and inform

Any good teacher will tell you that the way to ensure students learn any subject is to present information in as many different forms as possible.

Sure, some subjects are easier than others.

But to reach all the students in the room, a well-trained teacher will use images even in higher grades.

This is because images can help us to absorb a great deal of information within seconds.

Even though we might not be aware of it.

To read the same information in text form would take much longer and many of us might become confused or even bored and switch off.

Let’s look at graphs, for example.

A quick cursory glance over the x and y axis will tell us what we are looking at.

Then reading left to right we can scan the bars or lines and access what we are looking at.

Graphs are even used to plot levels of excitement in novels; they are not just for Maths.

If we add our understanding of colors to our images and graphs, we are imparting even more knowledge.

You’ll notice that important measures are usually drawn in red on graphs.

We know and understand this and our eyes are immediately drawn to it.

Blues and over colors are also used but if there’s a red line, we’ll definitely look at that first.

Use images to educate and inform your clients
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