Images give your blog visitors information quickly and easily.

Images are easier to “read” than text.

Even though many of us don’t realise it, when we look at an image we are taking in a lot of information.

This information is implied rather than said.

This is done not only by the subject of the image, but the colors used, the lighting (which sets the mood) and the angle at which we are viewing the image.

Let’s look at three images:

Baby’s face

Use images to provoke feelings

This is a full color, well-lit image that just makes you smile! The colors are blue to white and evoke feelings of safety and well-being.

Lady’s face

Use images to provoke feelings

This black and white image is dark and moody. We are not looking directly at the lady and while she seems to be smiling, we are not sure if it is because she’s happy or up to no good!

Boy at desk

Use images to provoke feelings

This image is taken in full color but the lighting is subdued. We can’t see the boy’s whole face and we are looking up at him. This puts the viewer in a position of powerlessness. We are in an inferior position. As we can’t see his all of his face, this image evokes feelings of mistrust and anxiety.

Regardless of the product that is being sold which image says more about being trustworthy and sincere?

Use images to convey a message to your clients
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