Use Alt Text in Images
Use Alt Text in Images

Since Twitter allowed images to be part of users’ tweets, they have become more and more popular.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Twitter added another important function.

Using your smart phone apps you can add descriptions to images.

The descriptions will be converted into alternative text (alt text).

This has two advantages to bloggers.

Alternative text allows visually impaired users to understand what your image is about.

Using specially created software, like screen readers and braille displays, they will be able ‘see’ your image and understand how it adds to your tweet.

This will open up your posts to a wider audience.

Also, search engines like Google have been reading the alternative texts you put on your images and adding them to the ‘search-ability’ of your post.

You should already be adding a description in the ‘Alt text’ box.

This way your post will be more searchable and visually impaired users will be able to understand more of what you are offering them.

All you have to do is go to your settings tab and enable the compose image descriptions feature.

After that, each thumbnail will have an ‘add description’ option.

Twitter image descriptions can be up to 420 characters long and should offer a clear and concise summary of the image and the content of your post.


Twitter now allows users to add descriptions to images
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