The history of Pinterest
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Pinterest was launched as a closed beta site in March 2010.

Once the site was opened to the public nine months later, it had 10,000 users.

People soon fell in love with the idea of saving images onto boards – not unlike we used to with corkboards or the fridge.

The boards can be separated into different categories and you can follow ones you like.

Sharing images was crucial in Pinterest’s success.

In March 2012, the most popular categories were home, arts and crafts, style, fashion and food.

The most popular recipe on Pinterest in cheese bread.

With the launch of the iPhone in March 2011 and then subsequent other smart phones, people’s interest in Pinterest escalated.

Only 18 months after it was started it was hailed by Time Magazine as one of its top best websites for 2011.

By December 2011, the site had grown to have over 11 million visitors per week.

By January 2012 it had 11.7 million users. This made it the fastest growing site in the history of social media at that time.

Most of the users of Pinterest are middle aged women who have an interest in home décor, the arts and lifestyle topics.

If they are your target market and your company doesn’t have a Pinterest account, then you should seriously consider setting one up.

It is one of the most favourite sites used to ‘browse’ ideas and products, many of which end up in sales.

The history of Pinterest
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