The dangers of not using royalty free images
The dangers of not using royalty-free images

There is little doubt there are easy ways to take images from other sites and use them on your blog.

If you do, however, you may be infringing copyright.

You might think that you are tucked away in a corner of the world and no one will find out.

You may think that no one will care and even if they do see the image and they won’t bother instigating legal action.

These things may be true, but are you willing to take the risk?

Some companies go to great lengths to procure images selected to reflect their brand.

You do not have the right to pooch or use them.

Photographers are artists and spend hours and hours of their time collecting beautiful images.

Their equipment costs thousands of dollars, too.

Just taking their images and using them without acknowledgement or paying a fee is illegal and it’s also unethical.

One solution is to sign up to subscription based photo service.

This can be costly and time consuming. You will have to scroll through hundreds of images that might not be relevant.

You might even find the images are not the right size or resolution.

This will make your website seem disjointed and make-shift. Badly chosen images will not convey feelings of confidence and reliability to your clients.

If you would like to discuss how our images are best suited to you, contact us here.

The dangers of not using royalty free images
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