The best kind of online search results are free ones
The best kind of online search results are free ones

Nothing speak volumes like seeing the number of visitors to your site grow organically

This is proof that everything you are doing online is working.

Great titles will attract visitors.

Great images will engage and pique visitor’s interest.

Even better content will keep people reading one post after another.

Clever formatting will help people scroll through your posts and keep them interested.

And, all of these combined will result in higher conversions and more success.

Now, who doesn’t want higher conversions?

You could spend a lot of money on driving people to your website through savvy online media campaigns if you want to.

Hustle recently revealed how much money is being spent on advertising with the top four social media companies and it’s startling.

They claim that in 2015, nearly $60 billion was spent in the US alone.

Five companies received 65% of this amount. These were Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Verizon.

You can either join in and give your good money to these guys and make them even richer or you can put your efforts into creating great content.

It’s this content which the search engines are going to pick up on and send people to your site.

And, it’s your great content which is going to turn visitors into customers.

Best of all its free.


Are the best kind of online search results free ones?
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