Susan Day on Writing, Blogging & Content Marketing

We are very excited to share a recent interview Susan Day did with Crowdfire. In the interview, Susan spoke about her passion for writing, blogging, and what inspired her to start this website.

Susan talks to Cara, the host of Crowdfire Stories, and openly shares what drives her to build and connect with others online.

Susan talks about how she began as a children’s author, and quickly fell in love with blogging. She goes on to talk about how, after becoming a grandparent at the ripe ‘old’ age of 47, she was struck by how our image of grandparents, and the important role they play, has changed.

Susan also talks about her transition from dog trainer, to children’s author, to blogger and content marketer. A journey she has enjoyed so much.

Hailing from ‘Downunder’, Susan also shares some interesting insights into living in the Australian country side, and how living with the most dangerous animals in the world inspired her to write a children’s book – you’ll have to hear the story to believe it!

We are sure you’ll enjoy this podcast. It is funny, warm and certainly entertaining. Click the link below, and enjoy.


Susan Day on Writing, Blogging & Content Marketing
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