Should you use funny images on you blog?
Using funny images

While many business people and companies are very serious about the products and services they offer, there is always room for humor.

Being funny can add a depth of warmth to your blog.

We all love to laugh and we all need reminding how silly the world is sometimes.

If your blog deals with a serious subject, even death, there is always room for tasteful humor.

We are not talking about making people fall off their seats laughing, but perhaps bringing a smile to someone’s busy life.

Whether they know it or not, people respond positively to things that cheer them up.

Smiling babies, small puppies and kittens usually have the ‘Awww!’ factor too.

Your clients will appreciate your efforts to make them smile and will begin to develop a deeper relationship with your brand and company.

We trust companies who make us laugh. It shows a more human side.

When our manager’s Irish uncle died he was dressed in very cheap cotton pyjamas. His family was poor and they couldn’t afford anything better.

The day of his funeral was very warm and somehow the dye from his pj’s ‘leaked’ onto the cushions in his coffin.

When his sister saw the green stains she threw her hands up in the air and cried, “Oh! Bjeeze, he’s bleeding for Ireland!”


Should you use funny images on you blog?
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