Should You Self Host Your Own Website?

In a galaxy far, far away…

Oh, sorry wrong script…

Once upon a time I joined a well-known “free” website hosting service. I built my website and I was happy. My domain name was perfect – – my books are the Astro’s Adventures series and I loved how this made my books so much easier to find… or so I thought!

This was long before the kindly wizard taught me about SEO and blogging, and other such important matters.

The kindly wizard also taught told me the importance of self-hosting, and like a dutiful servant I embarked on the journey to “own” my own domain names, websites etc., but I had my doubts.

“Oh Golly,” I thought, “Does it really matter??”

Well, when I tried to leave the “free” website hosting service I found it impossible to take with me. Sad and dejected I had to move on and create a whole new website –

However, like a naughty elf, every now and then I go to my Bluehost account and check if is available. I dream of one day reuniting myself with my old domain and living happily ever after.

This morning I did just that.

Imagine my horror when I saw how much the greedy trolls wanted for – see below.

In fact, I nearly fainted!

So children, the lesson here is – self host or be damned to a life of regret! And, if anyone has a spare $4k lying around, I’d appreciate a loan.

Should You Self Host Your Own Website?
Should You Self Host Your Own Website?

Should You Self Host Your Own Website?
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